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90 Icons: Silver Bullet [30 Jan 2010|06:23pm]



HERE @ bloodyretro
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Corey yahoo group [02 Nov 2009|05:19am]

Was anyone here a member of the Corey Haim yahoo email list? It used to be a great place to discuss Corey. I was looking at the archives of it last night and noticed that no one has posted there in a year. Did something happen to it? According to yahoo it has over 900 members.
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Corey interview about Crank 2 [21 Apr 2009|10:57pm]


From SlashFilm.com

I just watched Lost Boys 2: The Tribe tonight as well. Obviously it wasn't very good, but I appreciated the homage made to the original in the scenery and even the scenes. What I mean is it looked like the original - the guy in the street playing the saxaphone made me laugh! And like the shots flying over the town and sea, how the movie opens with the shot of the town, some of the same lines even. The reference to The Goonies was quite funny. Really though, it wasn't funny enough to be a cult among fans, and it wasn't cool enough to be a new classic. so...pointless really! Corey looked hot as a vampire though... xx
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getting married [13 Nov 2008|11:53pm]

i just read in a magazine (i forget which one) that Corey recently proposed to his girlfriend Tiffany i think her name was

good for him :)
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Shark City! [12 Aug 2008|07:37pm]


So, Corey's been filming Shark City in Toronto. Below is an article with an interview with some of the guys from the film and a photo blog that the crew keeps daily.



According to this and also his work on Crank 2, both cast and crews said Corey's been nothing but sweet and kind and professional. :D

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Corey's Website. [11 Aug 2008|02:42pm]


Does anyone know when Corey's official website went down?
I thought it was kind of strange it went "under construction" right as the season started.
His official myspace has been deleted too. Does anyone talk on the website message board?

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Intervention. [03 Aug 2008|09:25pm]


Tonight on an all new episode of the Corey's: The INTERVENTION.
I'm curious to see what happens.
Special Guest Stars: Pauly Shore & Todd Bridges

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[29 Jul 2008|04:17pm]

The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Well. This movie in fact disappointed me, just like I thought it would.
I liked it as a movie on it's own, but I think it totally RUINED Lost Boys 1.
There's so much sex, and a lot more gore, and cussing.
I mean I know it's supposed to be like 20 years later; but still.
It just killed the first movie.

Corey Feldman was hilarious in it. Corey Haim was good too, but only in his credit-rolling cameo.

What are your guy's thoughts about the movie?
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This saddened me [19 Jul 2008|12:41am]

[ mood | sad ]

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Sad :( [13 Jul 2008|07:06pm]

From the preview I just saw for the next 2 Coreys episode, it looks like he might be using again on the set of Lost Boys 2. :(
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The Coreys last night [23 Jun 2008|09:08pm]

So, what did all of you think about the events of last nights episodes?
It definitely seems a lot darker then last season, it actually made me sad.
I was surprised when Corey Haim talked about being molested.
He seems a lot different then he was before (1st season), and like the previews, I did question Corey's drug use. I also noticed how often he had a cigarette. I really hope they can get through this and Haim can battle his demons.
What are your opinions?
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'The Two Coreys' to Rebuild Friendship in Season 2 of the A&E Series [30 May 2008|08:56pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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It's no secret that England is overrun with nightcrawlers [22 May 2008|08:36pm]

finally arrived in the post this morning! Issue one of Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs! KAPOW! The four part series, supposedly linking the first and second movie, features Edgar and Alan and all their vampire run-ins. To be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole hell of greatness with this comic book, but I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that Edgar and Alan don't look brilliantly like Edgar and Alan. However, the comic book does incorporate bits and pieces that I expected Mr Rodinoff to take forgranted - for example, the Frog Brothers speech: "we've been aware of some very strange vampire activity in this town for a long time. Santa Carla's become a haven for the undead. As a matter of fact, we're almost certain that ghouls and werewolves occupy high positions at the city hall". Cleverly, issue number one shows the Frog's battling congressmen and senators. The boardwalk is also included, which gave me a warm tingly feeling.

I really wanted to find a reason to hate on this comic book series, being made by the clever dick that decided a Lost Boys direct to DVD sequel is appropriate. But I liked it. I laughed out loud in a few places. But, couldn't they have just made more comic books and ditched the idea of a sequel?

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[19 May 2008|09:27pm]

I just checked out the Lost Boys: The Tribe DVD cover art. Never set eyes on it before now, but here it is. Don't really know what to make of it: I mean, what difference will the cover make to the quality of the film? None whatsoever. Anywhoo, here it is. Larger version this way.

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WEHT?! [06 May 2008|01:57am]

[ mood | shocked ]

Dear god! Whilst strolling around the imdb board for Lost Boys: The Tribe, I came across a thread entitled; 'Corey Haim is Now In CRANK 2....OFFICAL'. My initial reaction was a slight chuckle, followed by a sense of complete and utter unbelievableness, when I clicked onto the thread and actually saw solid gold proof. Pictures from the set. Jason Statham + Corey Haim? WEHT? Corey? What is going on?! Have you returned from the merky depths of the ex-Hollywood'ers pond? Have you cleared up your act? Looks like one former child star has been doing good in his auditions lately. Come on, it's about time!! 

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[10 Feb 2008|01:39am]

anyone know where i can watch episodes of "The Corey's Online?
i already tried the A&E website but they only show clips & absolutely no Full Episodes :[
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Corey's back in Lost Boys 2! [09 Feb 2008|10:08am]

Great news!!!

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hey everyone! [24 Nov 2007|09:52pm]


this is Ashley aka across_the_way aka the creator of the group. lol
i stopped using live journal a while back and completely forgot about the comm!
i made a new user name today and decided to visit the site to see if anyone still went to it and i'm glad to see the community is still alive and kickin'!  i see that someone has created a new corey haim group as well, when did this happen?
but anyways I need to figure out how to change the ownership name, i'll do it eventually and I'll try to visit more again to keep in touch!

 by the way...do you guys know that Corey has a REAL myspace now?

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The Two Coreys on Youtube [20 Nov 2007|06:06pm]

May not be news to some, but I don't get to watch the show so I'm glad to find these clips:

Everyone say "aawwww"

Damn right she's a bitch!
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Reminder N Picspam [08 Sep 2007|06:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

X posted at thehaimster &&&coreyhaimster

Fyi--The two Coreys Returns to the Tv again at 10 pm on Sunday on A & E

Dont forget to tune In!!
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